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Continuing Education Promoting Collaborative Forensics

Promoting Justice AND Safety AUTONOMOUSLY

IKFE is an educational organization furthering justice, safety, and economic stability in Kansas. We aim to increase licensed professionals' knowledge of Kansas Law, train licensed professionals to present technical testimony in Kansas Courts, provide consultation to Kansas licensed professionals and to Kansas Courts, perform research on relevant and progressive case topics, and offer sophisticated practical solutions to real and current problems. IKFE bridges the information and practice gap between Kansas Law and Kansas professional practice to promote collaborative forensic process.​​

The Institute for Kansas Forensic Examiners (IFKFE) is a non-profit educational and research entity (501c4) directed by a think tank of diverse professionals. Our Board is of a unique gathering of experienced and successful judges, attorneys, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, police officers, and public citizens.

The IFKFE was born out of concern and catastrophe. The concern was about unnecessary disruptions in Kansas court processes, repeated and systematic violations of constitutional rights, accelerations of rates and costs of recidivism, career-ending damage to professionals, dramatic reductions of both quality and number of services, and out-of-control but inefficient spending of Kansas money; the catastrophe was a series of deaths that might not have happened had there been minimal compliance with Kansas laws and professional standards.

The IFKFE will continue to offer solutions for the problems plaguing Kansas courts and society. We will do this in part by creating and presenting educational seminars to inform Kansas professionals of our research and findings. The IFKFE routinely reviews what other states are doing, and models its development on programs with successful histories and results. The IFKFE develops relationships with major educational, legal, and mental health organizations in Kansas as part of its dedication to promote superior quality seminars and training on the cutting edge of professional knowledge. We work alongside major professional and governmental entities to develop practical answers to serious problems.

Mission Statement

The IKFE functions with financial autonomy, accepting no tax money and applying for no grants. The future of IKFE is dependent on the quality of the Institute's work, not on fluctuation in the economy nor on the good will of donors. At the same time, IKFE does deposit its profits in a charitable trust that exists for the interest and welfare of the State of Kansas. This trust helps to fund grants and also supports treatment and housing facilities for mentally ill people. With the trust, the Institute increases sentencing options for defendants who are too ill to be prosecuted but too dangerous to be released into open society. IKFE does accept charitable donations to the trust.

Origins and Future